Miyerkules, Mayo 2, 2012

Happy Birthday, Arvic! x

Happy Happy Birthday to the most amazing guy in my world, Inar Vic V. Florece! I remembered 4 months ago when you also greeted me a Happy Birthday. Its so weird and things are different now.
Funny how things change. Its also funny how answering that facebook stat led to this. Nyehehe.
You have always been good enough for me and I could never ask for more than that. I hope that I give you the same feeling that you’re giving me.
I trust you with all that I am and I hope that we last as long as God wills me to live. You have inspired me to stay strong and  would never trade you for the world.
I love you so much my, life saver! Happy Birthday to my bucket list man, wishful thinker, bipolar, chocolate ball, 3 point shooter, horsey, porcupine and the one and only guy in my life!! >:*<

Martes, Abril 24, 2012

DAY TWO- Nine things about yourself.

1. I hate cats.
2. I love making surprises for people. 
3. I don’t like being judged because of my past.
4. I have issues with forgiveness.
5. I love my mom and my brother more than anything in this world.
6. I have always been one of the boys.
7. I don’t eat burgers or ketchup.
8. I love making people happy.
9. I’d do anything for my friends and family.

Lunes, Abril 23, 2012

DAY ONE - Ten things you want to say to different people right now.

1. One day, I hope that you see… that you’ll always be good enough for me.
2. When I had an operation and that time that I needed you the most, you weren’t there for me. Sometimes, I feel that you’re just there for me because you need my help for this girl that you like.
3. I miss you. You’re my best-est guy friend in the world. But when you got a girl friend, you left me just like that. 
4. I wish you and mom never fell apart.
5. I wanna get soo mad at you but I can’t. I wanna scream and tell you that I hate it that you don’t get me but I can’t. Why? I am afraid to lose you. I love you.
6. Because of you, its hard for me to trust again. I hate you.
7. I love you for sticking with me through whatever. You’re the best-est friend a girl could ever have.
8. I have always been so insecure about you. I can’t help it.
9. Thank you for giving me the out most strength that I need to carry on. 
10. Sorry for hurting you. I didn’t mean to, I promise.

10 Day Challenge

I decided to also post my 10 Day Tumblr Challenge here in my blogspot. Enjoy! 

Biyernes, Abril 6, 2012


Friends are like stars, you don't see them all the time but you know they're there.

I 've been going through a whole lot of stuff recently. I cried like there's no tomorrow, got scared like I was going to die anytime soon and lost my faith.

Thank God for friends, REAL friends. They were there through every single thing. They were praying for me through that hard time. 

They filled the twitter timeline asking for people to pray for me, updating each and every single one through BBM and yes, I've never felt so loved my entire life. 

I'm glad that God gave me these people. I love you, B.A. Ohana. 

Biyernes, Marso 23, 2012

Little Ray of Sunshine

"Sometimes when you least expect it, good things happen." 

Months ago, I would've never imagined things turning out this way. I'm a pessimist, are you aware?

Its funny how things fall into its proper places. To see things happening unexpectedly. For things to happen and suddenly, it brings joy to your heart. 

Lord, thank you. Thank you for at least sending me someone whom I believe is going to stick with me until the end. I consider him a blessing from you, I really do.

I hope that things don't change. I pray that he's man enough to stick with me even if things won't be easy. I wish that I'll stay a bit longer so that I can make him happy, just like what he makes me feel.

"I can't and won't walk away from you." Do you believe me?

"I also can't and won't leave you hanging." I trust you.

Linggo, Marso 11, 2012


"Do what is right not what you like."

I really really miss my long hair. I had my hair cut exactly a week ago and its still hard to let go of my long hair but slowly accepting my short hair now. I had to do it because it's what I have to do.