Miyerkules, Mayo 2, 2012

Happy Birthday, Arvic! x

Happy Happy Birthday to the most amazing guy in my world, Inar Vic V. Florece! I remembered 4 months ago when you also greeted me a Happy Birthday. Its so weird and things are different now.
Funny how things change. Its also funny how answering that facebook stat led to this. Nyehehe.
You have always been good enough for me and I could never ask for more than that. I hope that I give you the same feeling that you’re giving me.
I trust you with all that I am and I hope that we last as long as God wills me to live. You have inspired me to stay strong and  would never trade you for the world.
I love you so much my, life saver! Happy Birthday to my bucket list man, wishful thinker, bipolar, chocolate ball, 3 point shooter, horsey, porcupine and the one and only guy in my life!! >:*<

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