Huwebes, Disyembre 8, 2011

Want a unique sense of style?

CHERRY ROCKET CLOTHING was brought upon due to our spare time and love for fashion. My friends and I decided to put up an online clothing store for other people to see our sense of style and taste. We already have 5 collections since August including our Christmas Clearance Sale for this month.

Just to show what we have, here are our past collections;

First Collection: Wild Party Animal Prints 
Models: Danna Chiu, Annie Borromeo and Wencelle Ballesteros

Second Collection: Teenage Paperdolls
Models: Christina Sanchez, Annie Borromeo, Danna Chiu and Wencelle Ballesteros

 Third Collection: Caution: Too Hot to Handle
Models: Danna Chiu, Shanice Raichendani and Laurice Torres

 Fourth Collection: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!
Models: Pau Ramos, Micau Suhal, Chu Salazar and Pat Mojica

For this month of December, we have our Christmas Clearance Sale that's up to 70% off of our clothes! Visit us and add us at! <3

Owners: Blanche Carpio, Jyothee Manalang, Gabb Carandang, Monique Morales and Wencelle Ballesteros
Photographer: Neale Go

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