Linggo, Marso 11, 2012


Its like whenever we're alright, doing fine, it'll just hit us, like a shooting star...and then suddenly everything'll start to fall apart.

I've been going through a lot recently. There are these feelings deep inside me that I can't contain. It's like I am sort of distracted or in denial about reality. People are telling me to use my heart more than my mind this time but I just can't, I am having this huge battle between expressing how I feel and what I wanna feel.

I am stuck and attached with you being around and I don't like it. It's the least I need right now. I wanna walk away from you but you know what sucks? Its that I can't. Because I like you being around. You make me feel the strongest when I'm with you. Everyone has been telling me to use my heart but after all that has happened to me, my mind is the only thing that keeps me sane. I'm scared to use my heart this time and I'm scared to take the chance. 

I give up on this. I am walking away on whatever this is... On second thought, I can't because I'm attached. 

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